Know Yourself

 Group Coaching & Training

The LookIn, LeadOut–Know Yourself program is designed to help new managers understand and develop the skills needed for success. The program creates an interactive, collaborative, and supportive learning environment that will deliver immediately actionable knowledge. The course is delivered in five 2-hour sessions to allow each manager to put his / her learning into action between sessions.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • New managers – just appointed up to 5 years in role
  • Any new manager who wants to get the best from his / her new team and raise engagement
  • Any new manager focused on his / her own development to become a better manager, leader, and human being

What you will gain by taking this program?

  • Knowledge about yourself from two assessments:  Tilt 365 True Tilt Profile and the Enneagram Instincts (IVQ). You will be provided both and asked to complete them prior to the class start.
  • Opportunity to focus your development on what is most relevant for you
  • Safe environment to learn and experiment
  • Two 1-hour individual coaching sessions are included (one before classes begin and one after classes end)
  • Learn basic Coaching concepts that will improve employee engagement
  • Opportunity to discuss current challenges with both peers and experienced managers
  • Opportunity to build friendly, supportive, life-long relationships and community
  • Access to 50+ years of managerial experience
  • Access to two experienced coaches
  • Resource list of books, articles, and videos
  • A final report to showcase your newly acquired skills
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Early Bird: $2100
Regular Registration: $2300

The next LookIn, LeadOut—Know Yourself program will be offered in 2020.

Please click here to let us know you are interested and to be waitlisted for the next available offering. As soon as we have scheduled the next program, we will contact you to confirm the new schedule “works” for you. At that time, we will ask you to pay the $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat for that offering.  

For questions about the program, please use the contact form below.

We created this program to help new managers like YOU; it is our way of paying it forward. Let’s learn together.

LookIn, LeadOut — Know Yourself is brought to you by Prism Coaching, LLC and DHY Results, LLC




About Carol Locke, Prism Coaching, LLC

Carol graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Business Administration. She worked in the information technology industry for 25 years before pursuing her passion of coaching full time. Carol combines her professional world experience, along with lessons she’s gleaned from her many coaches, to help her clients realize their full potential. Carol completed her coach education through Healthcare Coaching Institute at Virginia Tech in 2018. When she’s not coaching, Carol enjoys cycling, reading, and spending time with her family. Her husband of 30+ years, John, is the love of her life and her biggest supporter.

About Danielle Yarber, DHY Results, LLC

Danielle is a Senior Operating and Management Executive with 35 years of experience in organizational leadership. She holds a consistent track record of driving profitability through productivity, talent acquisition, revenue increases, process improvement and cost control. A leader known for assembling and developing top-performing teams and nurturing relationships at all organizational levels, with impeccable safety and compliance records. Worked as a coach through her career, and although her title did not officially say coach, this was a large part of Danielle’s role. A member of numerous boards of directors, currently she is a director for Carilion Clinic and Hometown Bank. In 2014, formed her own company, DHY Results, LLC and have been working with companies and individuals to unlock their full potential. Danielle graduated from the Healthcare Coaching Institute at Virginia Tech in 2017.

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