What Clients Say

Success Stories

When I started working with Carol, I was quite stressed and I felt stuck.  As we worked together, I learned that my vulnerability is my superpower.
She held space for me to transition to a new version of myself.  Carol is a coach’s coach.  She listens and asks the hard questions that resonate in your soul.
I highly, highly recommend!

— Beth Miller, CEO

Carol is an amazing coach who is capable of holding the space needed for you to work stuff out in order to achieve your goals.  She is a highly skilled listener who picks up on the nuances of your words in order to challenge you when some of your inner voices start to lay doubt and obstacles on the path you want to be on. As an engineer who needs down to earth processes and minimal “fluffy” stuff, she was incredible at helping me cut the cords to reality in order to create the vision I wanted, and then supported me in constructing the staircase back down with pragmatic actions.  If you are somebody who is results driven, needs structure and a safe place to be vulnerable in order to become your best self, Carol is the coach for you.  She is also amazing at helping people work through professional transitions.

— Christine

Quiet wisdom, uplifting reframing and fully present connection.  These are but some of the qualities of Coach Carol’s style that made a huge impact on my mindset.  I’d been stuck in fear of not being good enough, overlooking my talents and strengths, and instead dwelling on my lack of perfection.  In short order, Coach Carol led me from that space and into embracing all that I am.  Thank you, Coach Carol!

— Lynn

Carol has a coaching style with which I was immediately able to connect.  She is an engaged and thoughtful listener.  She exudes a calmness and was always present with me and for me during our coaching sessions.  I have taken away some new revelation, a new way of thinking or an idea about something new to try after each of our sessions.  She has a knack for helping me dive down a bit deeper in my reflections and for holding me accountable without making me feel overwhelmed.  In fact each session seems to evolve very naturally and the end results have had a clear impact on me as a coach and as a leader.

In addition Carol uses tools for scheduling, reminding and conducting each coaching session that make the process (even though we were remote) easy and productive.  It feels like we were in the same place together.

Thank you Coach Carol!  The world needs coaches like you!

— Brenda V

The coaching with Carol was an excellent experience for me.  I went to her initially for help in getting un-stuck and crafting a plan. I found Carol to be an intuitive listener who distilled my wandering musings into clarity. Carol was able to help me identify my strengths and competencies from my past employment that would be of benefit to my new career. She also inspired me that I could have the career I wanted and coached me on how to position myself to prospective opportunities. I came out of our sessions taking big actions to embark on a new path. I really appreciate Carol’s support, guidance and heartily recommend her to anyone in career transition.

— Laura

Carol is a great life/career coach. Her people skills in recognizing strengths and motivators along with her listening skills, humility, positive attitude, and flexibility have helped me land a job that is perfect for me at this stage in my life. I recently had many life/career decisions to make from taking a secondment position, taking a severance package, looking for full-time/part-time work, retiring; etc. Through coaching sessions with Carol, I could determine what was important to me at this stage in my life and the best way to achieve that. Thanks, Coach!

— Diane