One-on-One Coaching for New Managers

Coaching is...

Becoming a new manager can be brutal. After the initial “high” of the promotion, congratulations, and celebrations the new reality can hit you like a ton of bricks. “I used to be solely responsible for my success—I wrote great code and was rewarded. Now, my job is to get other people to write great code.” And who are these people? Probably the same people you sat with yesterday—only now, you’re their boss. Awkward!

Have you ever seen an athlete excel in their sport, then become a coach and fail? That person may have had incredible skills on the field (or court, etc.) but as a coach, their athletic ability is useless. What counts as a coach is their knowledge and understanding of the game, how it should be played, the strategy and tactics, and ultimately their ability to teach these concepts to their players and motivate them to perform at their best. Being a coach—being in charge of players—is different from being a player. It requires different skills and talents. The good news is: these skills can be taught, and learned.

Some new managers are fortunate and get training; many, in my experience do not. And even those that get training may not have a way to translate classroom instruction to real-life implementation.

I can help.

I have been trained as a coach and I have a wealth of experience, tools, and resources that can help you. I was a manager for 20+ years and made a lot of the mistakes a new manager is likely to make. From underestimating the importance of relationship building (up/down/laterally) to not understanding that authority and trust are earned, to micro-managing, and more, I learned many lessons the hard way. It was not pleasant.

I want to help.

Like many other service professionals, I feel called to help. And in honor of those that helped me, I want to pay it forward to you. I want to help accelerate YOU through the learning curve so that you and your team reach high-performing status quicker.

You may be thinking, “I’ve got all these new responsibilities as a manager—I don’t have time for coaching.” I know you are busy and I know an investment in coaching now will help you right now. Your transition to being a manager will be smoother, less stressful, and your team will be performing better, sooner.

You may be thinking, “I got this! I’m the one who just got the promotion! I don’t need help!” That’s what I told myself. And it may be true for you. If so, I applaud you.

However, if you are like so many new managers I know and have known, you do have this AND you could use a little help from someone who has been there who can coach you where YOU are on what YOU need. Isn’t there a part of you that would like to experience having someone trustworthy and experienced—someone who’s “been there”—listen, coach and “show you the ropes?” Now that you’ve been moved from being a “player” to a “coach”, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone coaching you? Don’t you deserve that? Doesn’t your team deserve that?

Are you ready?

Let’s have a conversation and see where YOU are now as a manager and where YOU want to go.  Book your Complimentary Discovery Call today!