The Leadership Beacon

Have you recently moved from being a single contributor to being a manager and experienced that feeling of “what do I do now?”

Do you wish there was a single place where you could learn critical leadership skills — at your own pace? What if that same place could also help you put those skills into action?

Are you tired of Information overload — blogs, books, newsletters — that lack actionable steps and personal support?

If so, then The Leadership Beacon is for you.

I designed The Leadership Beacon to deliver the information that I believe is most relevant to you as a new manager. It is delivered in bite-sized chunks — once a month — with specific actions that you can use to put new skills into practice. It utilizes the new FAST Goal Success System (more on this below).

As you put these skills into practice, you will grow into the manager you want to be, the manager your employees need you to be, and the manager your employer hoped you could be.

I truly hope you join me.  It’s free and it will make a difference for you.  I promise.


The Leadership Beacon combines curated content, with action, plus practice. It leverages the patented Tripod Goal Success System to help you put each critical Leadership skill into practice.

There is so much “How to be a Manager…” content available that it can be overwhelming.  Where to start?  What is important for me to learn first?  And then what?  How do I turn the content into successful action?

The Leadership Beacon cuts through the information splatter and moves you from information overload to success.

For each goal, read it, understand it, ask questions of me — get it in your bones.  New is awkward; practice until you nail it.

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


When you take advantage of The Leadership Beacon, you will receive:

  • 12 Leadership success goals; one each month for a year
  • Each goal is full of valuable guidance and actionable steps to help you successfully build your Leadership toolkit
  • A free account on the Tripod Goal Success System to help you put these goals into action
  • You also get support from me, Coach Carol, and you can reach to me from within the TripodGSS system while you are working on your goal
  • The ability to add others to your Success Team in Tripod


Being new at anything is hard; being a new manager is even harder because it is not just about you. It is about you with your team. It is about trust. It is about learning to succeed through others. It is about leadership.

So I am excited to be able to team up with the founder of TripodGSS to transform my curated content into actionable goals to ensure learning the information is easier and more impactful than reading content and working out the steps to success on your own.  Dare I say, this method is even fun.

To be clear, this is not about joining a mailing list.  The Leadership Beacon is something distinctly different. There is a wealth—a lifetime—of experience, learning and commitment poured into each and every goal and it is tailored for new managers.

But Why?

New IT Managers (like you!) tend to get few resources devoted to their training or development as a leader.

I designed The Leadership Beacon to address this problem.

I want you to have an enormous positive impact in your organization and an amazing career. And I want you to achieve that faster, with less stress, and having more fun, than I did.  The Leadership Beacon can be your first step.

I want you to be the manager employees talk about later in their lives and say, “<Your Name> was the best manager I ever had!”

I do hope you will join me.  Let’s climb this mountain together!

One last thing. As promised, FAST =

Frequently Discussed

Ambitious in scope

Success Metrics


Need Help Getting your Tripod Account Setup?

If you have already signed up and are having trouble getting logged into TripodGSS to get to your Leadership Beacon goals, watch this short video below that shows you the steps to get that set up.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to me at

Take care.

—Coach Carol